We offer a range of laser cut metallic parts, including solid metallic gaskets, washers and profiles, as well as fabricated metal parts, such as valve handles, brackets and actuators.

Shims and Washers

We can offer steel shims in a wide range of materials and thicknesses, with parts offered as thin as 0.05mm (0.002 ”). Whether individual shims or as a pack, we can supply. Shims can be provided to your drawing, or to your given dimensions.

Washers can be supplied in any metallic material to your specific dimensions, or to standard sizes. Commonly used materials include copper, aluminum and a range of steels, and can also be supplied with additional services such as annealing.

Laser Cut Parts Data Sheet
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Folded Parts

In addition to flat laser cut parts we can provide folded parts to your requirements. These may include brackets, livers and actuation parts to name a few.

Folding up to 10 mm thick in certain materials, we can offer a solution for most folded part requirements.

Folded Parts Data Sheet


We offer a variety of laser cut metallic materials, including:

 Stainless Steel
Including SS316L, SS304 and SS321.

 Mild Steel
Also including soft iron and CR4.

Including soft, half-hard and annealed options.

 Duplex Stainless Steel
Including Duplex 31803 and Super Duplex 32750.

Including Inconel 600, 625 and 825, Monel 400, and F5 (ASTM A182).




For help with laser cut and fabricated parts, contact our sales team.

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