V-Seal offers in house machined parts with precision and quality in mind. In addition to a wide range of tooling capabilities, our machine shop operators can offer finished parts to the most specific of requirements.

Materials range from metallic, including steel, copper and specialist alloys, to industrial plastic materials to suit a range of chemical applications. Please contact our Technical department for assistance.

Machined Metallic Parts

We can offer a variety of machined seals including camprofile gaskets, ring type joints, washers and spiral wound gaskets with spacer blocks. These can be provided at standard sizes or to custom dimensions with specific tolerances.

Machined Plastics

In addition to metallic parts, we can also machine plastics. This may include PTFE for chemical applications, Nylon and PEEK.

Whether simple machined rings, chevron sets or parts to your specific requirements, our in-house machine shop can supply.



We offer a variety of branded and unbranded materials to suit any application. These include:

Including a range of stainless steels and mild steel.

Also including annealed options.

Including Duplex steel, Alloy 600, 625, 800 and Monel.


Including virgin and PTFE with inorganic filler such as glass, carbon and graphite.

Including PEEK, Nylon and Acetal.

If you have a requirement for machined parts, give our sales team a call.

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