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V-Seal is a principal manufacturer and stockist of graphite products, including die pressed graphite packing rings, graphite sheet, graphite ribbon and more. With the capability to press, slit and laminate graphite, V-Seal is your number one source for graphite in the UK.


Die Formed Graphite Rings


Die pressing graphite seals ensures a strong density and sealability without the use of fillers or binders. These pure graphite seals are reliable up to temperatures of around 430°C and are resistant to the majority of chemical media. We offer die formed graphite packing rings in any size. These can be provided with a chamfer to the inner or outer if required.


Other optional extras include top and bottom wiper rings and metal endcaps. With in-house machine tooling facilities, we have the ability to manufacture a tool to your specific requirements often on a next day or same day basis.


Graphite Gland Packings


Gland packing is usually provided on a roll and consists of interwoven yarns of a particular material, or set of materials, to form a square-section rope, used to seal various applications.


Our V-Pack range includes several solutions in packing materials. Offering pure and wire-reinforced graphite packing from stock, we can offer an immediate solution for most applications. All packings come as standard by the 8 metre coil and in section sizes ranging from 3mm to 40mm. Larger sizes to order.


Graphite Sheeting and Strip


Graphite sheeting can be manufactured with stainless steel or nickel reinforcement, or as soft pure graphite sheet. Offered in multiple standard sheet sizes or cut to your specific size requirements, V-Seal has the solution your sheet graphite requirements.


In addition to cutting and laminating graphite sheet, we can also offer graphite strip slit from rolls. These strips can also be provided with corrugated and self-adhesive options and are an ideal solution for valve packings where space is too limited to install a die formed graphite ring.

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Product Types

Graphite Sheeting: Pure or reinforced graphite sheeting, also available cut into strips as long as 50m.


Solid Graphite Rings: Excellent for high temperature and high pressure applications. High density rings are pressed from graphite ribbon.


Braided Packing: Braided graphite or PTFE packing. Provided on the 8m coil or pressed and provided as rings with either straight or scarf cut.


Custom Shape: Die formed graphite parts can be provided in many styles profiles, including chamfered or radius edges, and also with steel endcaps.


Graphite sheet is available in a variety of sizes and options, including:

  • Tanged Graphite: Graphite sheet with a perforated stainless steel reinforcement.
  • Stainless Foil: A thin sheet of stainless steel foil between layers of graphite.
  • Pure Graphite: Non-reinforced pure graphite in soft sheet form. Available as thick as 12mm.

We offer a variety of packing materials, both of our own product and popular branded products by manufacturers such as Klinger, Beldam and James Walker. Materials offered include:

  • Graphite: Including wire-reinforced options.
  • PTFE: Including options suitable for food.
  • Aramid Fibre
  • Glass Fibre
  • Ceramic
  • Acrylic


We offer graphite for a variety of applications, including:

  • Valves
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Oil Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food Industry

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Die Formed Graphite Data Sheet Gland Packings Data Sheet

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