In addition to soft cut and metallic gaskets, we can offer a range of die formed and gland packing seals. Die formed graphite seals consist of a graphite tape wound and tightly pressed together using a steel moulding tool to a specific size and shape. These are often provided as sets with our without top and bottom wiper rings.

Die Formed Graphite Rings

Die pressing graphite seals ensures a strong density and sealability without the use of fillers or binders. These pure graphite seals are reliable up to temperatures of around 430°C and are resistant to the majority of chemical media. We offer die formed graphite packing rings in any size. These can be provided with a chamfer to the inner or outer if required.

Other optional extras include top and bottom wiper rings and metal endcaps. With in-house machine tooling facilities, we have the ability to manufacture a tool to your specific requirements often on a next day or same day basis.

Graphite Packing Rings Data Sheet


We offer a variety of packing materials in both branded and unbranded options, including:

Including die pressed and braided options.

Including some food quality options.

 Aramid Fibre

 Glass Fibre



V-Pack Gland Packings

Gland packing is usually provided on a roll and consists of interwoven yarns of a particular material, or set of materials, to form a square-section rope, used to seal various applications.

Our V-Pack range includes several solutions in packing materials. Offering graphite and PTFE from stock, we can offer an immediate solution for most applications. All packings come as standard by the 8 metre coil and in thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 25mm. Larger sizes to order. 

In addition to our V-Pack range, we can also offer gland packings by most major manufacturers. This can be a good option if you require a packing material that is certified for use on certain applications, e.g. food, oxygen and potable water.

Gland Packings Data Sheet

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