Camprofile gaskets consist of a serrated metallic core, provided with or without support rings. These are generally provided with a soft facing made from graphite, PTFE or high temperature mica material.

Camprofile Gaskets

These versatile gaskets are widely used in high temperature and high pressure applications and are a solid sealing option when working with fluctuating conditions, offering the strength of a metallic gasket with the sealing benefits of a soft cut product.

Camprofile Gaskets Data Sheet



  Stainless Steel
Including SS316L, SS304 and SS321

  Mild Steel
Also including Soft Iron and CR4

Including Monel 400 and Incolloy 600, 625 and 825

  Duplex Stainless Steel
Including Duplex S31803 and Super Duplex S32750






Ring Type Joints (RTJs)

RTJ gaskets are milled metallic seals, predominantly used in high temperature and pressure applications.

These solid seals are available to ASME (R, BX and RX types) and Norsok (IX type) standards, as well as to custom requirements.

Though most commonly provided in soft iron or SS316, RTJs can also be custom made in a variety of specialist metallics as above, as well as soft coating options such as rubbers and PTFE.

If you have a requirement for a camprofile gasket or ring type joint, contact us today to discuss.

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